Liv Hirsch is a talented young singer/songwriter from Bethel who, like many 13-year-olds, adored her grandparents.

Liv recently released her first official music video titled "Good Old Days", which is all about the wonderful memories of her beloved Grammy and Poppy who lived close by in Patterson. Since they passed away, Liv's had time to remember all the good times she's had hanging out with her Poppy. Before watching Liv's debut music video, I need to tell you the story and the memories behind Liv's song.

Photo Courtesy of Liv's Mom, Vicki
Photo Courtesy of Liv's Mom, Vicki

Liv began taking voice lessons when she turned 10 years old from the pop star Samantha Cole who owns the company Celebrity Voice Coach. Cole signed with Universal Records in 1997 and topped the charts with the singles "Happy With You" and Shaggy's "Luv Me Luv Me."

Liv has performed at the Bitter End in NYC, Mohegan Sun Arena, The Paramount on Long Island, The Ridgefield Playhouse, and WTNH News with Samantha Cole's guidance. In September of 2018, at the age of 10, she entered Connecticut's Got Talent and won a full scholarship to be in Broadway Teen's version of Hairspray at the Wall Street Theatre in Norwalk.

When Liv found out that her Grammy and Poppy's house in Patterson was put up for sale, all of her fondest memories of the time spent with the two of them came flooding back. She told me via Facebook messenger,

Some of  the best times were sleeping over at their house, and Poppy would make breakfast before they would wake up, and he would always burn the sausage and bacon!

The one memory that pulls at my heartstrings because that same feeling washes over me from time to time is when she told me, "Grammy and Poppy's house smelled so good, like love and comfort." There's no better way to honor and remember two of the most important people in your life than by writing a song filled with your memories about them.

Liv's Poppy came to every one of her shows and was her #1 fan! I can only hope that our 4-year-old granddaughter, Winter, will remember her Mimi and Papa the same way as Liv remembers her Poppy and Grammy.

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