Seinfeld is widely considered one of the greatest television shows of all time. For my money, it's the greatest TV show of all-time. The show also seems to have an endless list of celebrities/athletes who have made cameo appearances or became recurring characters. Some of the people on the list (not many) were well known when they appeared on Seinfeld, others were about to become big stars and all of them are well known today.

Here are some other big star names that graced the Seinfeld stage over the years:

  • Amanda Peet
  • Kathy Griffin
  • Lauren Graham
  • Rob Schneider
  • Teri Hatcher (They're real and they're spectacular)
  • Michael Chiklis
  • Peter Krause
  • Christine Taylor
  • Molly Shannon
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Debra Messing
  • Denis Richards
  • Jon Favreau
  • Catherine Keener
  • Danny Tartabull
  • Mel Torme
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