Last October,11-year-old Ashley Scalia's goal was to raise $1,000 within a year by collecting bottles and cans and handing over the proceeds to various charities.

Cans for a Cause came to fruition after the Florida school shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, Ashley, her mom, Katie, and sister Hailey found that helping other people was not only fun but they got a first-hand look how their charitable work positively affected others. Katie Scalia told the Shoreline Times,

I noticed how great Ashley felt when she would go and donate money. Ane even her sister, Hailey, they just felt so good.

It was a no-brainer to reach out to other kids in Connecticut and find out if they would like to take part in Cans for a Cause. The idea blossomed as other kids who are called team members jumped at the chance to give back to their communities. With the addition of new members, the original $1,000 that Ashley raised has now ballooned into $13,700 for charity! The ultimate goal for Cans for a Cause is to have kids from all 50 states doing some good for the hood.

Photo Credit - Cans for a Cause FB Page
Photo Credit - Cans for a Cause FB Page

Donations from Cans for a Cause have gone to Kids Care, Presents for Puerto Rico, Backpacks for Foster Care Kids, and Forgotten Felines. If you would like to to be a part of Cans for a Cause either as a team member or a donor, contact Katie Scalia at

Bravo Ashley! For all that you, your sister Hailey, your mom, Katie and all of your team members do to help the people you touch through your dedication and hard work, all of us here at I-95 WRKI salute you! You should be very proud!

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