Since 2020, 11-year-old Nicky Zaccagno, also known as Nicky Zooks, has posted YouTube videos of his restaurant boosts for eateries in the Greater Danbury area.

When the pandemic began to grip the country, restaurants were immediately affected due to the lack of customers, and that's when this kid from Bethel came up with a great idea to help Danbury area eateries.

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Nicky Zooks has always had an adventuresome palate, and he LOVES to eat, so Nicky and his Dad set up a YouTube Channel titled "Nicky Will Eat It," where he currently has 1,500 subscribers.

Nicky and his dad Dino always acquire permission from restaurant owners before he shows up to produce the video and he's discovered that most restaurants have welcomed him with open arms. Join me for the Nicky Zooks 'Nicky Will Eat It' YouTube tour.

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