This car thief didn't know what he was in for when this 11-year-old began beating on him.

From comes a report of a car theft at a McDonalds in Hartford where a dad went inside to pick up some food and left the car running. 44-year-old Edward Asberry jumped into the driver's seat and started driving away.

Little did Asberry know that in the backseat was the dad's 11-year-old son, who once he became aware that his dad wasn't driving the car, launched himself at Asberry and began assaulting him.

Asberry pulled over, grabbed a bag from the inside the car and started running. Plenty of witnesses came forward to help identify the car thief and to let police know in which direction Asberry skedaddled off to.

Police were able to locate Asberry quickly where he was arrested for larceny, kidnapping, and risk of injury to a minor. The car was returned and father and son were happily reunited.

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