It's practically a miracle! Evelyn Fiore is 102-years-old and beat the Coronavirus.

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One week after she was admitted to Stamford Hospital, she was released to the resounding cheers and applause of hospital staff.

Call it what you want, good genes, the right antibodies, or just life long good health. Evelyn is my hero! Instead of feeling sorry for herself when she tested positive for COVID-19, she became infuriated and was determined to fight the disease.

An article on chronicles the story of Fiore when she was diagnosed positive for COVID-19. She told her son, "I'm damned if I'm going to get comfortable!" That's the spirit, Evelyn!

I am a firm believer that emotional health can influence physical health. An article on the website, states,

Basic emotions are are fundamental powers of the human body and mind and have key roles in determining mental and physical health, as well as associated disorders.

As I continued to read the article I learned that Evelyn Fiore was quite an amazing woman. She was born in 1918, the year the Spanish Flu invaded the world where 50 million people lost their lives. She also lived through the Great Depression and two World Wars. When she tested positive for the Coronavirus, her son Nick told Hearst Media Connecticut that she told him,

Wait a minute, you're telling me I made it through all of the things I made it through...and all of a sudden I have COVID?!


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