There are over 50 acres of land for sale in Gaylordsville, CT.

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I learned about the land sale after viewing a new Youtube video by Brookfield Photography. They posted beautiful aerial footage to the social media platform on August 14, 2022.

After watching the video, my creative juices started to flow, I was wondering what I could one do with 57 acres of land? I did some research and these are some of the things you can fit on 50 acres.

9 Things You Could Build on the 50 Acres of Land for Sale in Gaylordsville

There are 57 acres of land for sale in Gaylordsville, CT. That got us to thinking, what could a person do with that much land? Here are 9 things that would fit there.

Basically, if you can dream it, you can do it with 50 acres of land. Personally, I'd install an Ewok Village for me and my friends to live in, as Ewoks.


9 Things You Could Build on the 50 Acres of Land for Sale in Gaylordsville

1 - I could put 39 football fields on 50 acres, that is a lot of football, and to keep it going around the clock, I'm going to need at least 78 energetic football teams.
2 - According to Measuring Stuff, I could fit 13,600 (20 x 8) shipping containers.
3 - I could fit 6,800 tiny homes. I guess if I go that way, I might as well establish my own cult, otherwise these homes are going to seem pointless.
4 - I could put 85 replicas of the White House.
5 - Real Estate Info Guide says I could start a massive parking lot that fits around 7,800 parking spaces.
6 - 750 Tennis Courts
7 - If the land is fertile, I can start my own farm.
8 - Discount Lots says I can turn a profit one 50 acres of land by becoming a beekeeper. DL says: "an acre of land can host up to 10 hives and you can make up to $50 per hive. If we do the math, that can get you up to $500 per acre of land. With 50 acres, you could make a decent amount of money."
9 - According to Sky Tough, I can build my own private air strip, depending on a lot of factors, including how big the aircraft are that we'll be using.

P.S. I don't know who you contact about the land sale, I can't do everything for you. Just call Gaylordsville.

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