No matter the season, Connecticut is one of the most beautiful states in America and one of the ideal locations to work and raise a family.

Throughout the 43 years my wife and I have lived here, one of our favorite activities is choosing a gorgeous day, driving up north into Litchfield County, marveling at Connecticut's rolling hills, and then stopping at one of our favorite restaurants that offer outdoor dining.

There are many eateries in Connecticut where you can relax and dine outdoors, so I decided to scour the internet and couple it with my dining experiences to deliver 10 of Connecticut's best outdoor dining spots.

Best Outdoor Dining in Connecticut for 2022

A Tasty Trip Awaits on Rt. 67 in Connecticut

Rt. 67 is a 31 mile state highway that runs all the way from New Milford to Woodbridge. It's perfect for a family road trip, with plenty of places to shop, and grab a bite along the way. Here are some fun destinations for you.

CT Waterfront Restaurants Perfect for 2022 Spring Dining

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