How about some Connecticut themed gift ideas for those of you who don't have wads of cash lying around?

I know you're aware that Connecticut has one of the highest tax rates in the country. We come in second behind New Jersey in property taxes that averaged $7,222 in 2018.

In the overall tax burden hit parade, Connecticut ranked 8th at 9.7%. New York State won the grand prize clocking in at 12.97% according to For those of you in Connecticut on a tight budget, I give you some Connecticut themed Christmas gift ideas for under $30 all available at

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    "Best Pontoon Captain Ever" T-Shirt

    This t-shirt is absolutely perfect for my fellow pontoon captains on Candlewood Lake. This 100% cotton tee comes in a variety of colors for both men and women and rings in for only $15.99 for Prime members.

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    Connecticut Buffalo Plaid Fraser Fir Candle

    This Connecticut Candle is ideal for recreating the Christmas-y smells of the Xmas tree for those who went for that artificial tree this year.

    You get that pine needle aroma you remember as a kid plus you don't have to worry about your three cats attacking and destroying your real Xmas tree. This essence of Christmas will only set you back $19.95.

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    Santa's Pontoon Boat Xmas Card

    This is one of my favorites and it's perfect for pontoon enthusiasts. For $15.95 you get 18 cards and white envelopes to go with them. Open it up and on the inside, it reads, "Wishing you a boatload of fun."

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    Woodhot Yeti Fire Starters

    To be honest the Yeti fire starters are not strictly Connecticut inclusive. I'm just recommending this product due to the word "Yeti."

    These hot little numbers can be used for fireplaces, pellet stoves, barbecue smokers, and charcoal grills along with firepits and campfires. Plus there's no odor and they're 100% natural. They come 12 pieces to a box and run $14.88.


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    Candlewood Lake Unsalted and Shark Free Hoodie

    Express your love of Candlewood Lake during the offseason with this 80% cotton toasty warm hoodie.

    These stylish hoodies come in five different colors and are reasonably priced at $37.75.


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    Merry Christmas Danbury Throw Pillow Cover

    For the true blue Danbury, CT fan wrap your favorite throw pillow with this two-sided decorative pillow cover.

    Word of warning: This may not arrive until after Xmas. There is also a Norwalk throw pillow cover available. Each cover is priced at $23.99 plus $4.99 for shipping.

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    "Party In Slow Motion" Pontoon T-Shirt

    Got a pontoon? Like to party on the pontoon? This 'Party in Slow Motion' t-shirt is just what you need! The tee is 100% cotton made and is available in five different colors.

    This pontoon party t-shirt goes for $19.99 and is Amazon Prime eligible.

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    "Connecticut Home of Craft Beers" Zip Hoodie

    This is the perfect fashion statement to show your love for your favorite Connecticut's craft beer breweries.

    Made from 80% cotton, this zip-up hoodie goes for $37.99 and is Amazon Prime eligible.

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    "The Life and Times of the Great Danbury State Fair"

    This collector's edition of the legendary Danbury State Fair was written by family members of the last owner who share their knowledge of the inner workings of the Fair itself.

    The book is available in hardcover and paperback and sells for $23.99 and $29.99. Both are Prime eligible which means if ordered right away can be under the tree in time for Christmas.

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    Summertime Pontoon Christmas Ornament

    This pontoon boat Xmas ornament not only reminds you that boating season is only 5 short months away but if you press the button on the ornament, you'll hear Mungo Jerry's 'In The Summertime!'

    Unfortunately, the ornament is not Prime eligible but is available from five different sellers and scores a 5/5 rating review.

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