So you're an animal lover, you've had dogs, cats and maybe even a few rabbits. Now you're looking to get a little more exotic, well watch out because you could get in a heap of trouble for keeping certain animals as pets.

Animals are great, we love to watch them, care for them, and have them be a part of our lives. Unfortunately for us, many wild animals can be too dangerous to be kept as pets, and I'm sure they wouldn't be too happy either. Not only that, but if you live in Connecticut or New York, it's just downright illegal to keep any of the animals as pets.

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Now it may be kind of obvious with some of the animals on this list, but obvious doesn't always translate to "no". This is where the law steps in, and you could face serious charges if you try and keep any of these animals around your house, plus I don't think your neighbors would be all that happy with you either.

10 Animals That Are Illegal To Keep As Pets In Connecticut And New York

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