This is no horror movie, and it's a real thing. It's officially called Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), also known as Zombie Deer Disease.

According to an article in the Danbury Daily Voice, recently, a white-tailed deer in Warren County, Pennsylvania, about five miles from the New York border, was found with CWD.

In 2019, several articles were popping up about this deadly deer disease that had effected animals in 24 states along with two Canadian provinces, according to an article from

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The CDC has recently issued a warning about CWD after many cases have appeared across the country, including New York State. As of yet, there have been no reports of the disease in Connecticut.

I witnessed something extraordinary about four years ago driving from New Fairfield to Wingdale, New York. I had just made the left onto Route 39 in Sherman as the sky was turning from dusk to dark.

After making the turn and driving about a mile, I saw a deer standing on the edge of Route 39 but not moving. The deer was standing absolutely still like it was frozen in time. I'm pretty sure that it was a typical "deer frozen in headlights" situation. Check out the video.

At first, there were some headlines about the disease spreading to humans. Still, it hasn't affected humans or domestic animals at all, according to an article titled, "What You Need to Know About Zombie Deer Disease in Connecticut." Most likely, the only way humans could contract the disease is by eating venison.

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