The face of the "Long Island Audit" Youtube Channel says he'll be in Danbury, CT today (7/19/21), at City Hall for a "news conference."

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Back in June, the man made waves locally after an incident at the Danbury Public Library involving he and the Police Department. He posted a video to his YouTube Channel, Long Island Audit, calling the Danbury Police Department "tyrants" for their handling of his public filming at the library.

The incident prompted an internal investigation by the Danbury Police Department and eventually, the YouTuber was arrested for his role in the June incident.

The man says he'll be back in Danbury, CT today and invited his followers to join him. In the video posted to Youtube on (7/18/21), the self-proclaimed journalist had this to say of his upcoming trip:

"I was unlawfully arrested by the Danbury Police Department, the same Police Department that was embarrassed, that, embarrassed themselves when I uploaded the video from the Danbury Library.

So uh, they arrested me unlawfully for trespassing and breach of peace and out of retaliation, and um, we're not going to let that go.

So, like I said, I'm going to get right into it, tomorrow, in my last live we talked about mass audits and we talked about, peacefully protesting, so tomorrow what we're going to be doing is, I'm going to be, at Danbury City Hall at 1:30.

I've already received a lot of e-mails and text messages and comments on my channel saying that a lot of you guys are gonna try and make it out.

I would like to meet you guys, I would like to tell you guys more about what is going on and what I have planned for the future, especially when it comes to Danbury, because  they're a bunch of tyrants over there.

A bunch of evil tyrants, how do you? I don't understand how another man could put, a free man, could put another free man in prison and go to sleep at night? You have to be evil. You have to be evil."

He went on to say he spent 6 hours in lockup and was given a $10,000 bond after being charged with trespassing and breach of peace, charges the man says he is not guilty of. He invited his followers to Danbury to join him today at City Hall at 1:30 for a "news conference."

UPDATE: I was contacted by a man named Sean Paul Reyes, who says he is the man in the audit videos who wanted to discuss inaccuracies in my story during the Ethan and Lou Show today.

He messaged the i95 Rock Mobile App and his number was attached. I texted him to inquire about the what he believed was inaccurate. I asked if he was the person in the video, if he was willing to come on the Ethan and Lou Show and what he thought was wrong about my article. This is how he responded:

"Not only the article but one of your stories I saw on your Instagram seems to portray that the internal investigation by the police officers found that I was guilty of something and therefore I was arrested.

That's inaccurate. I was arrested because I was in City Hall gathering contact for my channel and I was also there to file some freedom of information act request and I was arrested for trespassing and breach of peace.

The internal investigation against the officers for their [conduct] at the library is still ongoing.

I was arrested for filming inside of City Hall but the real story is a week before I was there, another YouTuber was there, a white YouTuber and he filmed City Hall with no problem. I went there and was arrested for trespassing and breach of peace which shows clear retaliation and/or racism in my opinion.

And I will talk to my lawyer about speaking with you tomorrow. I have nothing to hide, as you know I speak on my channel frequently. I do not like the way you are covering this to be honest with you based on the Instagram story I have seen and the article with the inaccuracies in it but I will let you know.

I would appreciate a correction ASAP."

CORRECTION: The YouTuber was not arrested for his role in the June incident, that investigation is ongoing. His arrest is from a separate encounter in Danbury's City Hall.

This was my incorrect statement in this article:

"The incident prompted an internal investigation by the Danbury Police Department and eventually, the Youtuber was arrested for his role in the June incident."

Below is the YouTuber's full video:

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