If you're a carnivore, Connecticut is filled with fast food - national and local restaurants that serve up the hamburger or chicken sandwich of your dreams. Pizza? Seafood? Meat deep-fried in oil, or smoked over hardwood? Drive down the block, you'll find something.

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How about if you're sick of it all, and the doctor told you that you have to worry about what you're eating because of your high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol? It's easy to get a hamburger made out of beef, but a tofu burger or a patty made out of delicious portabella mushroom slices is not.

Here's 11 vegan / vegetarian restaurants around our state that you should check out for inspiration. I admit, I felt lost the first time that I sat down in a vegetarian restaurant, I grew up on the meat & potato diet that my parents fed me, and liked it until my body said no more. I've found that vegetable-based dishes crafted by the experienced hands of a well-trained chef can change your palate and your body. I've dropped around 140 pounds since my journey into the wonderful world of healthy eating began, you can get inspired too.

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