They weigh in around 25 tons, have a blowhole, and huge appetites.

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From the Associated Press, scientists say that the number of juvenile humpback whales converging into New York City waters is astounding. Three whale sightings were reported in 2011. Between 300 and 500 sightings have been reported in 2019 alone.

Why are these humpbacks descending into New York City and New Jersey waters in record numbers? Many will say it's about the volume of menhaden, small schooling fish that humpbacks absolutely crave. The whales seem to be spreading the word about good eats in NYC waters.

You can compare the appearance of so many whales near New York City to humpbacks "playing in traffic" because of the many bustling shipping lanes around the city. Boat vs. whale collisions has occurred, which can eventually result in a dead whale washing up on shore. An idea that's being considered is speed restrictions for ships navigating those specific waterways.

The humpbacks coming for dinner in NYC provide another entertainment attraction for NYC residents and tourists alike; NYC dolphin and whale watching. For only $52 per person, $47 for seniors, and $35 for children 5-12, you and the family can spend the day watching these astonishing creatures. For all the info, click on

There is still a couple of whales and dolphins watching excursions leaving from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn during October on American Princess Cruises. Information can be found at

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