Isn't every day pasta day in Connecticut? You can't go a block or two without the red, white and green stripes beckoning you in towards those delicious carbs. Today is Tuesday, October 17, which is also National Pasta Day 2023. Where should you celebrate? Here's where I go for the best pasta in Connecticut.

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I'm not going to throw out awful suggestions, like USA Today recommending Olive Garden, Carraba's, and Fazzoli's. No, I like my pasta hand made, and thank God, Connecticut is filled with independent pasta Masters who operate their own shops. No mass-produced Ronzoni, or brittle sticks that have sat on a shelf for 8 months. I've tried to shop in every fresh pasta shop in all of Connecticut over the past 30 years, I've maybe visited over 100?

You Should Celebrate National Pasta Day in Connecticut Here

You're never too far from pasta here in Connecticut, and a lot of it is weak. I'm an Italian-American, raised on pasta fagioli and stuffed shells, and today is National Pasta Day, here's where I believe you should go to celebrate the day, and eat the best pasta in Connecticut.

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