After seeing an American Bald Eagle in the wild for the first time in my life along the Naugatuck River in Torrington, I have a new favorite animal in this world. I want to do everything I can to help keep eagles coming back here. If you feel the same, our chance to help out the eagles that ride out the cold Connecticut Winter at the Shepaug Dam in Southbury is coming soon.

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I'm a Subaru owner, and a customer of Colonial Subaru in Danbury. I just received an e-mail invite from the GM of Colonial, Corey Henderson, to volunteer at an upcoming event at the Shepaug Dam on the Housatonic River in Southbury. 'Clean Connecticut's Waterways' will happen on Saturday, September 16, 2023 from 10;30AM - 12:30PM. What is it? For two hours, volunteers will help remove any litter or debris that could possibly deter maybe the largest concentration of wintering eagles in New England.

I've heard from many of my friends who have braved the Winter chill that the eagle-watching at Shepaug Dam is spectacular. According to the e-mail from Colonial Subaru, as many as 20 or more eagles have been witnessed at the dam in a single day. It only took me 54 years, I should have gone sooner.

This is just a single event of a much bigger movement to help clean up our environment in Connecticut, the Southbury event is being supported by Save the Sound, Connecticut Cleanup, and Connecticut Subaru Retailers of New England. I'll be there trying to find some of the old fishing lures I lost on Lake Zoar. It's an open invite, the first 25 volunteers will get a t-shirt, but all volunteers will receive a complimentary oil change for their Subaru. Let's fill 2225 River Road in Southbury with Foresters and Outbacks on September 16.

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