Connecticut runs on Dunkin', no question there. I have a deep love for coffee. I am a boosted Dunkin' Rewards member. I also enjoy Aroma Joe's when I'm in Waterbury or Bristol, and I'm a Starbucks Rewards member. Depending on where I'm at, and what kind of mood I'm in, I like having coffee brand choices. I never had a choice when I flew out of Bradley, but soon Starbucks fans, we will.

Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut has announced that as part of a major upgrade of their concessions, as they put it 'a much sought after Starbucks will be introduced. This will be the airports first Starbucks post-TSA screening, located in the food court area'. It honestly wasn't a major inconvenience to only be able to get Dunkin' after you've been screened, but oh man, did people moan about it as we were waiting for our flights. That had to be the topic of most morning air passengers at Bradley, 'Is there a Starbucks? I kind of wanted a stronger brew for the flight.'

The new Starbucks is coming soon, it's the first project on the list of major upgrades, and should be open by the end of Summer 2023, according to the release.

Not to be outdone, New Haven's airport made some news yesterday when Avelo Airlines announced a new slate of weekly non-stop flights between Tweed and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Avelo's new flights at Tweed start up in November2023, and they're offering flights at an introductory rate as cheap as $99. Starbucks or non-stop to PR? Tough choice Connecticut.

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