I've received two interesting press releases from the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection over the past 24 hours. The first informed me that alcohol sales will not be permitted in the state of Connecticut on Thanksgiving Day(Thursday, November 23, 2023), the second informed me that Cannabis sales will be allowed. What a wonderful world.

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According to ct.gov and Consumer Protection Commissioner Bryan Cafferelli, 'No, you still cannot buy alcohol on Thanksgiving day (11-23-23)'. Package stores will be closed across Connecticut, and grocery stores cannot sell beer. Breweries? Nope, manufacturers may not sell alcohol for off-premise consumption, and restaurants are prohibited from selling drinks-to-go. Cafferelli also reminds us that on-premise alcohol consumption is allowed, but you must make your purchase today, they can't help you tomorrow.

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If you like your turkey with a side of Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa, you're in luck. Also according to ct.gov, cannabis sales at all licensed cannabis establishments ARE allowed on Thanksgiving Day(11-23-23). Of course this is subject to retailer hours, so let me take a look for you.

  • Danbury - Botanist and Bud'r - Both closed on Thanksgiving
  • Curaleaf - Groton, Hartford, Manchester, Stamford - All locations Closed Thanksgiving Day
  • Fine Fettle - Manchester, Newington, Stamford, Willimantic - All closed Thanksgiving Day
  • Trulieve - Bristol location closed Thanksgiving Day
  • Affinity - New Haven location closed Thanksgiving Day

Well, it looks like the State of Connecticut may have been a little late in informing our major Cannabis retailers that they may remain open tomorrow? Or could it be that the owners of our dispensaries decided that their employees deserve a holiday away from the sticky? Oh well, better luck next year Connecticut.

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