One of the bad things about getting no rain in the summer is that our swimmable lakes and ponds are condensed. Have you seen Candlewood recently? The dreaded algae blooms that film of oil on top of the greenish-brown water. I don't see that as a refreshing dip, covered in suntan lotion that has washed off 47 people, yuck. Where can you swim in clean, chlorinated fresh or salt water? Pools. Did you know you can rent a private pool right here in Danbury? Or Wilton? Litchfield?

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I searched Danbury, Connecticut on, and found dozens of homeowners in the Greater Danbury area that have listed their private in-ground pools on the site. Depending on what you're looking for, you could rent them for $27 to $100 an hour. If you and 6 of your friends have $5 each, I found a few places that would be wonderful to escape this 95 degree heat in. All of them have restrictions on music, alcohol, glass, etc, just like private pools, but the key word there is privacy. Renting a private pool has privileges, here are some of the nicer ones that I found.

You and Your Pals Can Rent a Pool Right Here in Greater Danbury

Damn it's dry, and lakes and ponds are drying up. It's getting too gross to swim in Connecticut, green algae blooms, stagnant brown water. You need in-ground, chlorine rich pool water to soothe your worries away. Trouble is, you don't own a pool. Problem solved, if you have some cash. lists local private pools and backyard spas that you can rent by the hour. Take a look at what you can rent for $37-100 an hour around Connecticut.

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