This time, it was a physical altercation on the Taconic State Parkway, when a man allegedly struck another man with a hammer.

Is there some otherworldly force at play on the Taconic? This past Tuesday, a 30-year Briarcliff Manor man was arrested after becoming involved in a domestic dispute on the Taconic in the town of Taghkanic, NY.

According to the Putnam Daily Voice, police were dispatched after a man was allegedly struck by a hammer during an argument on the highway. Paramedics from Northern Dutchess were called, but the victim refused medical attention.

According to the Pleasantville Patch, between July 2012 and July 2014, 2,008 crashes took place on the TSP and in the last seven years, New York State Troopers have written 54,000 tickets to TSP drivers.

The worst TSP crash ever happened on Sunday, July 26, 2009 in the town of Mt. Pleasant, when 36-year-old, Diane Schuler was driving a minivan for 1.7 miles going the wrong way before it smashed head-on into an SUV. Eight people lost their lives including Schuler, her daughter, and three nieces, along with the three people riding in the SUV. It's not always gloom and doom on the parkway. The following video is actually a joyful ride on the Taconic.

So in answer to my question, "Is the Taconic Parkway possessed by someone or something?" Probably not. The 104-mile long TSP was built in the early 60s as a scenic route for drivers, who at the time were driving between 45 and 55mph. Back then drivers took their time and enjoyed the sights as they drove. The Taconic State Parkway was not built for today's drivers who insist on traveling between 60 and 80mph. Go the speed limit and you should be fine. My recommendation is to NOT drive the TSP at night. That's when the TSP Phantom comes out to play.


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