2023 is a year I will remember forever.

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From a local news perspective Connecticut was the gift that just kept giving this year. The stories were so odd, so unbelievably authentic that they are burned into my brain. I think these 30 stories are a great bookmark for where Connecticut is, and where we're headed. Just for the sake of clarity, that is not a good thing.

Year in Recap: Connecticut's Most Viral, Hilarious, and Unforgettable Stories

2023 was a wild ride in the Nutmeg State, we had fake dentists, bad air, awful driving, and Vlad Putin signs. Here are 30 of the most outrageous, hilarious, and shocking Connecticut stories of the year.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

I love my job, the best part of my day is turning on my computer when I get to work and sifting through the news, deciding what stories I want to discuss on the radio show. It is all about the anticipation of what the day will bring and the observations we might make. My show preparation process is always the same but the results can vary wildly based on the news in front of me.

Once the stories are selected I start coordinating where they will appear in the show and I label and collate them. Finally, it is time to pace around the room and chat about them with my morning show partners Ethan and Dave. We identify what we have and how we might approach each story, it really brings me so much joy. Maybe I need to be looked at?

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Inside Bridgeport's Fading Relic: Remington Arms

For over 50 years Remington Arms was one of the most vital companies located in Bridgeport, CT and their facility was monstrous. Today, there is a shell of the Remington Arms factory leftover in Bridgeport. The property is located on Barnum Avenue and it’s become a must-see spot for ghost hunters and fans of abandoned properties. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Paranormal Experts Say Derby's Sterling Opera House is one of the Most Haunted Places in CT

According to Only in Your State, Derby’s Sterling Opera House is one of the most haunted locations in all of Connecticut. These are some images from inside the historic and eerie Sterling Opera House. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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