If you want to see a drive-in movie in the greater Danbury area, most would tell you that there hasn't been one here in years, right? Until November 25, 2023, you will have the surprising opportunity to do it in Brookfield, and let me tell you, the concession stand offers a lot more than candy and popcorn.

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537 Federal Road in Brookfield has been a BBQ restaurant, a Jamaican place, and a Cookout over the years, but for the past few it's been a tight ship known as JJ Stacks. Joe, the owner, has tried to murder my tastebuds with his outrageous hot wings in the past,, but I'll let that slide, because everything that the man cooks is superior. If you've ever seen him in action, he's amazing. I'll never forget in the early days of this restaurant, he had employee problems, like any other place, so in order to keep the doors open and customers happy, he did every job in that restaurant himself some days. Respect sir.

That hard work, day in and day out, has led to universal positive reviews for what JJ Stacks serves, and what they're doing for the community. I was happy to learn that Joe is again doing something innovative for the next few months. JJ Stacks is doing a Drive-In Movie night at their location every other Saturday night until Thanksgiving 2023.

The events kicked off 3 weeks ago on July 29 with a screening of Jaws. You also missed the classic Meatballs last weekend. The good thing is, there are screenings of The Parent Trap, Karate Kid, Top Gun, Hocus Pocus, Scream, Christmas Vacation, and Elf left on the slate.

I wonder if he'll have those wonderful bacon, egg, and cheese Stacks next to the popcorn?

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