I was reading about a guy online this morning who got an invitation to his ex-girlfriend's wedding. The woman sent the invitation, he RSVP'd that he would be going and put something pretty weird on the RSVP. There was a section where you could request a song and this is where he wrote: "I loved her first" by Heartland.

She proceeded to post a picture of this on social media, it went viral and everyone BUT the guy is having a good laugh. Just me, but it seems unnecessary for her to post this online and embarrass him, but it makes for a great topic for a show like mine.

So, what would you do? Would you go to an ex's wedding if you were invited? I posted this question on the i95 Facebook page, and here were some of the answers:

  • Linda -  I'm on great terms with all of my ex boyfriends. And my ex husband and I would go out to dinner and movies with our daughter as a family on a regular basis. We spent Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving together with my boyfriend included as well. We both worked to make sure that neither of us was alone on Mother's and Father's Day or any other holidays. So yeah, if my ex remarried I'd probably not only attend but I'd be in the wedding party, as would my boyfriend of 15 years
  • RC Smith - No...Id rather not visit the asylum.
  • Matt - No. But I'll be at her funeral to make sure she's really dead.
  • Sean - Nothing will upset your ex more than hooking up with her desperate best friend at the wedding!!
  • Ed - As long as its open bar.
  • Ivan - Only to hook up with her friend or sister.
  • Jim - Only if I was married before her. Can you imagine being at the singles table at your ex's wedding? LOSER!
  • Chris - depends on the situation....and the ex!
  • Laura - If I ever see him again it’ll be too soon.

I think if you subtract the joke answers it really boils down to three factors. If you left off on good terms, don't have any lingering feelings for one another and your current significant other is not threatened by it, you can go. But what the hell do I know?

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