We talked about a brilliant idea that Jamie Lee Curtis had on our show this morning, and it really struck a chord with me. Why aren't more concerts held earlier in the daytime? We have matinee movies and plays, is it time for a daytime concert for those of us that can't stay up past 10PM?

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According to ultimateclassicrock.com, Jamie Lee Curtis, who is 64 years old, called on U2, Coldplay, and 73 year old Bruce Springsteen to play afternoon concerts instead of the usual 7-9PM starts during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. You go Jamie Lee.

I love the feeling of walking out of a darkened theater into the brightness of a sunny day. It's happened a few times, usually it's been a festival, like the HORDE Tour or Farm Aid at Xfinity in Hartford, those all day events are great, but I love it even more when I get home before midnight during the week.

I get up for work at 3:45AM, and I'm usually in bed between 8-9PM. I'm really screwed when it comes to making it to any evening event now. The first thing that popped into my head after I accepted my job was that I'm going to not be able to see anywhere near as many concerts as I typically do. It's held up too, I've had to pass on a couple of them because they're mid-week. I realize that most concerts are held in the evening in order to cater to the majority of the population, that does work 9-5 jobs, but I'm sure there are a whole lot of us that read her comments and said 'Yeah, that's a good idea.'

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