It's a sight to behold! The largest Viking ship in the world, Draken Harald Hafagre is on tour and will be stopping at 14 harbors along the East Coast.

Draken was constructed in 2010 and named after the king who unified Norway into one kingdom and is a re-creation of what the Vikings called a 'Great Ship.' The ship measures 115 feet from stem to stern, is 26 feet wide and has 850 square feet of silk sail and a 79 feet tall mast. Dramamine anyone?

Constructed by a group of expert boat builders, historians, craftsmen, and artists this Viking ship was created for exceptional seaworthiness just as the Vikings built their magnificent ships back in the 10th and 11th century.

On July 9, Draken sailed out of Connecticut's Mystic Harbor to set sail on their 'Expedition America - East Coast Tour 2018.' Next stop is Boothbay Harbor in Maine from July 13-15 and then Plymouth Massachusetts from July 17-20. Touring Draken with the kids would be a fascinating experience. For ticket information, click on  

The World's Largest Viking Ship, Draken Harald Harfagre Docks In NYC
Getty Images for Draken Harald H

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