Working in a building that houses both a classic rock and a country music radio station can be a bit loud at times. But something has been bothering the hell out of me in those moments of silence in the past couple of weeks at work. The noise sounds like this - "TAPTAPTAPTAP.....TAPTAPTAPTAP......TAPTAPTAPTAP..." You get the idea, right?

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Our building at 1004 Federal Road in Brookfield is being attacked by woodpeckers. I started hearing the taps on the outside wall of my studio a couple of weeks ago, actually, it was my dog RayRay that noticed it first, he started barking, and it made me wonder, what the hell was that tapping noise? I took a walk outside, and found out that we have a serious problem.

Woodpecker Attacks Connecticut Radio Station, Ha Ha Ha---Uh Oh

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