It's official,, has posted a Winter Storm Watch from 4am Wednesday to 6am on Thursday.

According to the Weather of Steve Turk, who I think is the most accurate forecaster in the weather business, is calling for "moderate to heavy snow-sleet or combo of both."

As of Monday evening at 6pm, we're looking at a steady snow throughout the day on Wednesday totaling 2 to 4 inches and then 1 to 3 inches on Wednesday evening according to Will it make you feel better if I lay down some feel-good weather quotes?

Even when it's cold outside, our memories will keep us warm.

Yeah, bite me! How about this one.

Take time to chase the snowflakes.

Here's my favorite from a squirrel named Mr. Twister who lives in my backyard.

It's gonna take till July to thaw out my nuts!

Mr. Twister says, "Hey Winter, 'Up Yours!'"


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