Have you ever seen a Moose in person? Maybe one on the side of a road? My God, they're stunning. And let me tell you, you do not want to hit a 1,000+ pound animal, or provoke one, because you and your vehicle will lose. Keep that in mind if you're traveling through Winchester, CT anytime soon.

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Mrs. Large and I saw a massive male Moose on the side of a rural road in New Hampshire, a massive head topped with huge antlers appeared 10 feet up right in front of our Subaru. It took me a minute to realize what it was, because it towered over our us. It had to weigh over 1,200 pounds, it's legs were the size of small trees, and it was almost as tall as one of the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses that you see at the Big E.

The Winchester Police Department has just announced on their social media that a possibly pregnant female Moose has chosen their Northwest Connecticut town to hunker down in, and give birth to her calf. Good news, but the problem is that news is spreading about the unusual animal, and onlookers are putting themselves and the Moose in danger by getting too close.

According to the Winchester Police, the possibly-pregnant Moose is more territorial and dangerous to onlookers, so, don't take a selfie with it, and don't park on the side of the road to get a better look. You could be putting yourself, fellow drivers, and of course, Moose at risk.

The Winchester Police Department will be installing safety barriers to better protect the Moose, and promise that they will enforce if you do not respect the Moose and it's space. If the Moose is indeed pregnant, it should give birth to it's calf in May or June. You'll hopefully have plenty of time to safely snap a photo, from a safe distance, between now and then.

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