Since the dawn of time, or at least as far back as the 1800s, it never been in the twenties or teens on Thanksgiving in Connecticut. That may change this year.

According to the national authority on all things weather, The Weather Channel, a dreaded Arctic air mass is going to get all up in our business over the next couple of days, setting up a frozen Thanksgiving 2018 for us poor bastards here in the Nutmeg state.

The forecast is calling for temperatures to run 15 to 25 degrees below average for this time of year. Our current forecast is for 20-25 degrees on Thursday morning, and possibly some single digit temps on Black Friday morning. So, just as a head's up, all of you that are planning on going out and dropping some dimes at the stores that are going to open up post-turkey, bundle up.

The coldest I've ever been on a Thanksgiving morning was one year at a Holy Cross vs Wolcott football game at Wolcott HS. It had to be in the late 80s, early 90s? No amount of handwarmers could keep up with the cold breeze that morning. As a side note, I want to extend my condolences to the Wolcott community for their loss of one of their community leaders, David Pelletier. We're thinking of you all here and extend our deepest sympathies.

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