Connecticut is a battleground between two of the greatest cities in the United States. The Western half belongs to New York City, and the Eastern half belongs to Boston. I am hearing a new battle brewing lately: the New York accent vs the Boston accent.

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For decades, if you let a "pahk ya cahh' slip out of your mouth in Waterbury, Danbury, or even New Haven, I expected "Yankees suck' out of your mouth next. Most of you knew to remove your Red Sox hat when you got West of I-91, and I never forgot to take my Yankee hat off East of Hartford. You're getting bolder, Boston-accent people.

You're invading Western Connecticut, I'm noticing more of you in this part of the state. Maybe we got a little arrogant? Us 'New Yawkahs'? We had decades of being in the spotlight from all of the mafia movies, the Sopranos, and Jersey Shore. I hear the Boston accent all over Torrington lately, and it concerns me.

It's that damn Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. They're so charming, and they make the accent so pleasing to hear, unlike Jim Calhoun. The latest attempt at getting all of us to drop our R's came last night during the Super Bowl. It's all the buzz today, right? Here's Ben and all of his Boston accent for you to enjoy one more time.

I'm holding strong, I'm embracing my R's, and resisting the urge to call anything a wicked pisser. Where is Christopher Moltisanti? We need to take care a dem tings later, you know what I'm sayin?

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