Jack Drake is the meteorologist to the stars.

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Well, he's the weatherman on the I-95 Morning Show which is kind of the same thing. Jack is our most trusted source for local weather and when we heard there was more snow in the forecast for Thursday into Friday, we gave him a call.

This is what Jack had to say:

What About Today?

"Highs in the upper 20's today as we continue that cold theme, not the coldest weather we'll see in the forecast but still cold, below freezing. We have some light snow flurries to snow showers this afternoon. Don't expect that to be a big deal but don't be surprised if you're outside and you see a flake or two flying. Again, not expecting an impact."

What About Tomorrow?

"The story changes a little bit, we have some light snow working in for much of the day. This is a really tough call. I'm kind of going back on how I'm wording this because I don't want to oversell it but I don't want to undersell it either. So, expect about an inch or two of snow in Western, Connecticut through the day but it snows almost the entire day, so, 9 am to 5 pm . Eight hours of snow and two inches isn't really that much." 

Will schools close? 

"I would say schools open, businesses open with relatively low impact. We're watching obviously if it gets to be a little bit heavier than that, then it becomes more concerning." 

Attention Children: We're sorry.

Attention Adults: This is the weather and nothing is concrete so no yelling at Jack.

To keep updated on the storm follow Jack on Facebook at Danbury Weather. Listen to our extended discussion with Jack below.

Danbury Weather FB
Danbury Weather FB

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