The wheels are beginning to roll in New Milford, and you can be a part of the discussion.

Bringing back train service to and from New Milford is now officially scheduled for discussion on Thursday, September 20, at 7:00 PM inside New Milford's Town Hall, according to an article in the NewsTimes. New Milford Mayor Pete Bass and state rep. Bill Buckbee will host the forum and will also include the president of the Train Campaign, Karen Christiansen.

New Milford Railroad Station - Google Instant Streetview
New Milford Railroad Station - Google Instant Streetview

Currently underway is the New Milford Train Campaign, which hopefully will be beneficial in jump-starting talks, and eventual action, in bringing passenger rail service back to New Milford.

For more specific information about the Train Campaign, visit The Housatonic Railroad has already began replacing their tracks from the Connecticut line to Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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