Have you ever tried a product that absolutely lives up to the hype? Everyone has their opinion on the best 'whatever' in the world, but when a product receives multiple professional accolades & awards AND delivers? Magical. I feel that way about Arethusa Farm of Litchfield's Europa cheese.

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Europa truly is the best gouda-style cheese I've ever had. The taste, the texture, the consistency, all of it, it's art. The whole world knows about Europa at this moment, it won the title of 'Best Cheese in the United States' at the United States Cheese Championship in Wisconsin this past February. We already knew it was the best cheese in the US because Europa won the Best in Show title at the 2022 New England Cheese Championship held at the Big E Fairgrounds.

The 13th annual New England Cheese Championship is taking place again at The Big E fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts tomorrow - Friday July 7, 2023. Arethusa's Europa took home the 2022 championship, and they also won multiple awards in other categories. Arethusa's Tapping Reeve took the bronze in Class 2 Cheddar, their Camembert and Karlie's Gratitude won bronze in the mold ripened cheese category, and Arethusa whole milk yogurt took the silver in the Yogurt category.

I'm in love with everything that comes out of that place, Arethusa's ice cream is heavenly, the sweet cream chocolate chip is my favorite, and their half & half makes every coffee better. Good luck tomorrow Arethusa, you got this, we're all counting on you.

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