The big question is how did a wild turkey get trapped inside a massive high school field house?

It's extremely difficult to play organized sports like tournaments, track meets, and classes in a gym where there's a turkey flapping away in the gym rafters, and don't even get me started with the turkey poop!

According to, Wilton High staffers made their best attempt at shooing the turkey out of the rafters but were unsuccessful. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Conservation got involved by playing a recording of a female turkey that was 'hot to trot,' but that also didn't work.

Eventually, the turkey was extricated using a net and was released back into the woods behind the school. Now it's time to find out who was responsible for letting Mr. Turkey into the field house.

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It just so happens that the gym's security cameras caught two unidentified male students coaxing the bird into the gym. They have yet to be identified but once they are, they will be asked to come up with the cash to reimburse the wildlife cleaning company and the complete cleaning and disinfecting of the barn.


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