First, the Housewives of New Jersey and then the wildfires in California and Colorado, and then the coronavirus hits. If that's not enough, now we've got a wild turkey breaking into a Connecticut home. My God, when will it end?

Sammi Gonias and her 6-year-old daughter Scarlett were at home in Norwalk around 7 PM on Friday, March 26, when they heard a loud crash in the dining room.

Newstimes reports that Gonias had seen two large wild turkeys strolling across their lawn in West Norwalk when suddenly, one of them came crashing through their dining room window, leaving a path of destruction.

“I didn’t know what was happening. I saw a turkey on the floor and heard glass breaking. It is so loud, it sounded like movie when someone crashed through window.”

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It took Gonais' husband Jordan and Norwalk police 20 minutes to wrangle the psycho turkey out of the house. The window repair will cost approximately $400, and that doesn't include other damage around the window.

Why do wild turkeys attack windows? According to the Massachusetts Audubon Society, wild birds, including large turkeys, are very territorial regarding their nesting site. When they see their reflection in a window or a windshield, it mistakes it for a rival, and in most cases, will do what needs to be done to eliminate the threat.  

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