This year for our NFL locals, promises to be nothing if not dramatic. My prediction is that traditional predictions won't get it done this year. It's time to throw out the book we hold so tight to because the story-lines are rich and the season has yet to start.

What we think we know from previous experience about the Giants, Jets and Patriots is out the window. In this case, history means very little because none of what we used to be able to count on, is solid. The results could end up very different than we are accustomed to. Here's why:

  • The Giants have a nightmare QB controversy on their hands.
  • The Jets have a maniac for a coach.
  • The Patriots have a 42 year old quarterback that no longer has his best weapon.
  • We don't know when will Daniel Jones emerge as the Giants starter.
  • We don't know if the Giants have done enough to address the offensive line.
  • We can't know for sure if Sam Darnold is the franchise QB we assume he is?
  • We don't know if Le'veon Bell will blow up the Jets locker room?
  • We don't know if Gronk will actually return to the Patriots as so many pundits have predicted?

With so many variables flying about I have no problem making insane predictions. And they are:

  • The NY Giants will start the season 2-4 under Eli Manning, make the switch to Daniel Jones, finish the year 9-7.
  • The NY Jets will not take the assumed step forward. They will buckle because of a poor culture established by Adam Gase and with locker room pills like Le'veon Bell, they will finish a dismal 8-8.
  • Tom Brady will talk Rob Gronkowski into returning to the Patriots by week 4, Brady will be injured by Week 7 and the Patriots will finish the year 7-9.

If you think I am wrong, that's fine, these predictions are crazy town, so I get it. You also can't make any predictions of your own that are any better because we have no real information to work from. There are more questions than answers and you know it.

The truth is, the only fan base that will look at the predictions and scoff are the New England fans. There is not a cockier fan base on Earth. You can laugh at it all you want Pats fans, you know you are shaking for the first time in a long time. Nothing is guaranteed for you, nothing is written in stone and you are praying I am right about the Jets, right about Gronk and wrong about a 42 year old getting hurt in the NFL. Good luck nipple heads.

P.S. I missed a few things, some things I'd like to say again and they are:

  • Daniel Jones will be the QB and if the Giants want a good season than they should promote him now. Just fix the monumental, historic mistake you made by drafting a QB at six and insisting you are going to play the guy who won you two Super Bowls.
  • Pat Shurmur is boring, his coaching style is boring and he's not the least bit inspirational.
  • The Giants defense on paper is just that, paper. If more than a handful of dudes can't become stars before our very eyes, they will be shredded like cheddar every single week.
  • Le'veon Bell is a selfish dude, not a team player, can't win with him.
  • Adam Gase is an egomaniac. I also think he's an actual maniac. He has proven absolutely nothing, he never deserved the job as the Jets coach. He definitely had the man who hired him, fired. He is NOT a QB "whisperer" as many people contend. So much of that reputation comes from being a QB coach for PEYTON MANNING at the end of his career. Peyton needs no one to whisper to him.
  • Time catches up with EVERYONE and that includes Tom Brady. Sure, I predicted he'd crumble under his age last year and he did not. Yes, I predicted the same the year before and Tom proved me wrong. It won't keep up, you front running, spoiled football brats.
  • I'm a Raiders fan, so no matter what my NFL year will be worse than yours.

Escaped mental patient.

Cry baby douche.






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