Why is a group of lawmakers, police, clergy, and students lobbying against the legalization of marijuana in Connecticut?

An article in the Hartford Courant reports that pot fans throughout the state of Connecticut are rallying around lawmakers who are attempting to fast track the legalization of recreational marijuana. But there is another side to the issue brought to light by a group that is introducing reasons why marijuana should NOT be legalized.

  1. Not Enough Drugged Driving Laws - Bottom line, driving while impaired is against the law whether it's booze or weed or opiates. Currently, there is no accurate test to determine how much THC is in the bloodstream during a drugged driving traffic stop. Common sense dictates that you should never drive when you're drunk or stoned.
  2. The Fear That Legal Pot May Trickle Down to Our Youth - Some fear that if pot is legalized it would be more attainable for middle and high school kids. According to the latest study by the website, Monitoring the Future, 6% of high school seniors use marijuana daily.
  3. Marijuana is Not a Harmless Drug - According to recent studies, 9% of pot users end up being dependent on marijuana. Pot has also been tied to hampering developmental milestones in young adults. There is evidence that habitual use of high THC-marijuana increases young adult's risk of experiencing psychosis and experiencing schizophrenia.  
  4. Legalization Could Cost More Money Than it Raises - An organization called Smart Approaches to Marijuana has estimated that legalization might cost Connecticut $216 million in 2020 far surpassing how much the state would benefit from the taxes legal pot would pull in.
  5. The Black Market for Weed Will Not Go Away - In states where pot is already legal like Colorado and Washington, the black market has actually expanded instead of disappearing.

Here's a question for you the reader, if you're a big fan of marijuana, do these 5 reasons change your perspective whatsoever on the legalization of recreational marijuana in Connecticut?

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