One of my favorite things about living in Torrington is the focus and attention that the city has decided to devote to the arts, especially in the downtown area. Beautiful murals, statues, and sculptures have been installed all over. You can find the backstory on most of the artwork, but I can't get any info about my favorite piece- The alien proudly presenting a giant slice of Watermelon, what, you haven't seen it?

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There's a sculpture on the roof of a business on S. Chapel Street in the South end of Torrington, it's located right behind Carvel, and Berkshire Auto, on South Main Street. To my untrained eye, it appears to be a green female, possibly an alien? Proudly presenting their giant 10 foot slice of watermelon to the car shoppers, condo residents, and ice cream fans below.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

I tried to find out more about the watermelon-loving possible alien this weekend. When you Google the street address, the business is identified online as Abeling Enterprises. Abeling Enterprises is listed as a second-hand store/estate sale/cleanout & moving business.

I tried stopping by, e-mailing, and calling the business, without success. I will update this if they do get in touch with me. My best guess is that someone hired them to clean out an estate? And when they saw this sculpture, they knew that it had to live on their roof. That, or it's a sign that aliens love watermelon? I have noticed that Torrington is the land of low-flying aircraft, what's with all of the helicopters along the Naugy? Is the Carvel going to be the point of first contact? Is Boomer McCloud ready to outfit that silver sphere with a kickass Rockford Fosgate amp? I'll let you know.

My Favorite Works of Art in Downtown Torrington (So Far)

I thought Torrington was very similar to Waterbury when I moved to town, I was wrong. One difference is the incredible municipal support of the arts. I find works of art around town all the time, I love it. Here are a few of my favorites, so far.

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