It all started when Lou and I read Pam's blog about a new fragrance called, Fuzzy Balls, which, of course, we had to have.

In case you were wondering sickos, Fuzzy Balls has nothing to do with the male anatomy. The fragrance smells like a new can of tennis balls and is manufactured by a company called, Demeter Fragrance. We gave a call to their CEO, Mark Crames, who filled us in on the Fuzzy Balls story. During our interview, I asked Mark if they had a "fresh mowed grass" fragrance? BINGO! They sure did! How about a "kitten fur" fragrance? SCORE! We told Mark we had to get samples of all three immediately so we could try 'em out and Demeter delivered. Once they arrived we had to test them out in the halls of I-95. Enjoy the video.

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