If you've never left Connecticut, New England, or basically the Northern half of the US, you've most likely only heard of Waffle House restaurants when Kid Rock or another celebrity gets arrested there. Not me, I think of delicious, crispy-browned hash browns covered in cheese and mushrooms, savory bacon and sausage, and of course, waffles.

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Oh man, I love Waffle House. Honestly, the first thing that I look for when I get South of Jersey is the iconic Yellow sign and building. Waffle House has over 2,100 locations across 25 states, but none of them lie North of I-80. Waffle House is the King of fast/casual breakfast in the Southeast, but the closest one to Connecticut is in Scranton, PA.

Photo by Large "Feed Me" Dave
Photo by Large "Feed Me" Dave

Why Waffle House? I used to think you were afraid of Friendly's, Chip's, Dottie's, or Leo's. We have an overabundance of national fast-food places and delis that serve up breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and even crepes, but how about Bacon, Egg & Cheese Grits? Tough, right?


Is it because the North has too many local diners? Wages for workers too high? Quality control in expanded regions? Cost? Who knows. There's no official answer from Waffle House, as far as I can tell.

I like to assume that the Norcross, Georgia-based company doesn't want to feed us Damn Yankees, preferring to keep their Southern Hospitality...uh....down South.

I want a Waffle House on I-84, Exit 9 in Newtown/Hawleyville, on the Southern side of the highway, away from my beloved Mitchell Deli & Sunoco. Or how about in the old Friendly's across the state? We need Scattered, Smothered & Covered hash browns stat Waffle House, bring your friend White Castle too.

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