When I moved from Waterbury to Torrington earlier this year, I thought I would be getting away from the loud roar of constant mass transit.

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No more constant hum of tractor trailers doing 80 on I-84, no Metro-North trains rumbling by shaking the ground. It was nice in Torrington for a little while, but for the past couple of months, I've noticed that my ears are getting assaulted from above.

I was getting my mail yesterday around 4 PM, when I started to hear the low thump of a huge helicopter coming closer. It kept louder the closer it got, and by the time that this thing flew right over me, it was deafening. I took that photo you see above, and it seems to be a military helicopter. My poor Chihuahua was spinning in little circles by my ankles, looking for the sonic demon thumping above us. Here's a zoomed in shot.

Photo by Large Dave and his scared buddy RayRay
Photo by Large Dave and his scared buddy RayRay

You've noticed the same thing too recently. Local social media groups in New Milford, Watertown, Danbury, and Southbury have all had posts about all of the low, or late-night helicopters, military jets, and aircraft have jolted you up from a deep sleep.

This week I assume that our skies will be filled with national and regional officials and dignitaries flying in to pay their respects to our fallen officers in Bristol, but this has been going on since August. Is there additional military training going on out of Bradley and Westover?

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