Hot dogs verses burgers. It's the endless battle at lunch and dinner spots, every cookout, and in every All-American carnivore's home. For what may be the first time I've noticed, the great battle between hot dogs and steamed burgers will play out at Dunkin' Park in Hartford tomorrow night.

Who was it that decided that Connecticut is synonymous with steamed cheeseburgers? Well, Hartford's minor league baseball team - the Hartford Yard Goats may have. A few times each year, they take the field as the Hartford Steamed Burgers, with a burger on their chests, seriously. Tomorrow night is one of those games, (August 1, 2023) The Yard Goats will perform as the Hartford Steamed Burgers, and duke it out with the Reading Fightin' Phils, who will dress for the game as the Reading Hot Dogs. Yes, it's the Great Battle of 2023 in Hartford.

I may be the only person in Connecticut that is grossed out by steamed hamburgers, I've tried many times at all the places in Meriden and Wallingford - Ted's, K LaMay's, and American Steamed Cheeseburgers, but I just don't get it. I'm queasy when it comes to eating gray beef. I like my burgers browned by flame, or seared black by grease contact, you know, the right way?

I'm not the only person noticing that the Yard Goats employ a few marketing geniuses, they've gained national attention recently by being named one of the '30 Hilarious Minor League Baseball Teams That Sound Fake, But Are Actually Real'. They should have waited until they saw this beauty.

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