*UPDATE - Thank you for voting, CT! The announcement post is published, and thanks to Crown Trophies in Brookfield, the  top 5 bartenders will receive a commemorative plaque.


What does it take to be a truly great bartender?

Many people think they have what it takes, but in reality, there are certain qualities -- and a very specific skill set -- that make up the perfect bartender. You must have speed, accuracy, consistency, a vast knowledge of cocktails, and, in some cases, you must be as psychoanalytical as Sigmund Freud  -- all the while being friendly and personable enough to create a positive experience for your bar patrons. Not to mention the fact that you have to have the patience of a saint. My God, the patience!

A study published by eater.com a few years back says that the Nutmeg State has been listed as having a whole bunch of drinking establishments per capita -- one bar for every 11,225 people. That's a lot of places to throw 'em back, so odds are that as you're reading this, you've already got your favorite drink-slinger in mind.

Nominate your favorite Connecticut bartender by filling out the brief form below. We'll be accepting the nominations through Friday, December 16. Then, we'll count up the votes and publish the Top Bartenders in Connecticut.

So belly-up, and let us know who you think should take the crown. It's often a very thankless job, so nominate your favorite, and be sure to encourage your friends to do the same to make sure that they earn the recognition they deserve.

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