It's been painted on the bridge for just shy of 40 years and while it doesn't seem to bother anyone else, I'd like to get to the bottom of it. Who wrote "Class of 83" on the Super 7 bridge?

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If you get off Exit 7 on I-84, you end up one Route 7 that takes you to Brookfield, New Milford, to Kent and beyond. If you get off the first Exit on Route 7 (Exit 11) and go under the overpass towards BJ's and Costco in Brookfield, you can look up at the bridge and you'll see graffiti.

That graffiti has been there for nearly 40 years and it's been driving me nuts since I started working in Brookfield 20 + years ago, how can I not know who is behind it? It's not that I view it as some heinous crime that needs to be solved for the betterment of society, it's just the mystery of it.

If it was in fact the Class of '83, the person(s) that did it would be between 57 and 59 years old today and as far as I know, no one has been identified for the tag. It's a bit difficult to see because the paint is white and I took this photo on a bright day but there is a bunch written up there, including:

  • Class of 83'
  • The Who
  • AC/DC
  • Led Zep
  • FM & HH
  • Iggy Pop

Here's a zoomed in view

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

It's not a stretch to say that this local person, young man or young woman at the time was a big I-95 fan because of the things they tagged on the bridge so that makes the markings even that more interesting to me. After all, I am an I-95 employee and have been for the past 22 years. I feel, if it's anyone's job to solve this mystery, it's mine.

So, I am making an offer, and it's an expiring one. If you or someone you know is behind this high school prank and that is how I view it, get in touch with me. I'll bring you on the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95 to take credit for your mischievous act and tell the story behind it.

Let's undo this riddle once and for all. Class of 83', stand up and be counted.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Maybe the answer is that it's a bunch of different people who are responsible over the years, I'm OK with that too. There are only a handful of tags up there, let's see who is behind them all. Who are FM + HH? Are they still alive? Are they still in love? It's time for answers.

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