Hey, White Castle! Congratulations on your 100th anniversary, but what's the deal? Why are there absolutely no White Castles in Connecticut?

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When you're ready, I'm personally imploring you to open your first White Castle in Danbury, Connecticut. Sure, we can purchase your burgers in the frozen food section of most supermarkets, but you and I know it's just not the same.

I've done the research and have come up with three possible White Castle locations in Danbury. The first two are Mill Plain Rd. and Danbury/Newtown Road or as we call it, "Restaurant Row." This way, plenty of Hudson Valley people, who already spend a lot of time and money in those areas of Danbury could flock to snatch up a bunch of those little steamed patties in all of their delectable onion glory.

The third possible location for a Connecticut WC Is 274 Main Street in CityCenter, Danbury, where the Pour Me Coffee and Wine Cafe was formerly located. I think that spot would do wonders for the city's downtown rebuilding initiative. We are here united dedicated and hopeful, waiting for you to do the right thing.

Let me ask you a question, White Castle -- "Are you afraid?" I know that we can sound a bit snooty, and I know our taxes and cost of living are out of control, but enough already. It's time to bring Connecticut into the fold with your delectable sliders, the seafood crab cake slider, and your fish nibblers.

I know for a fact that I'm only one of a myriad of Connecticut and bordering New York residents who are clamoring to not have to drive into the city to get our grubby, greasy, paws on some of these bad boys, who ultimately put sliders on the map. In fact, I came across a thread over at roadfood.com from back in 2011 in which a user named NYPIzzaNut who claims he received an email from White Castle corporate headquarters regarding a potential Connecticut location, saying:

We are looking at property, there is nothing definite at this time and it can take a year or more once negotiations start (which haven’t, because we are just looking at this point) to start construction.

Honestly, I think he's full of baloney, but I do know there is a White Castle Hamburgers of CT Facebook page if you'd like to make your plea for a WC in Connecticut. If I haven't given you enough White Castle food for thought to sink your steamed onion-flavored teeth into, How about "10 Things You Never Knew About White Castle?"

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