I confess, I've camped out in a puny pup tent in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere and discovered that communing with nature is not my bag.

Call me old school, but when I go to sleep at night I don't need a sharp rock pushing up my butt. In the middle of the night, I don't need animals of the forest ganging up around my tent tearing open the garbage to get at a half eaten chicken drumstick and watermelon rinds. If that's what you define as 'real camping' then have at it my friend. Truth be told, I'm not a 'roughing it' kind of guy.

Mindy and Betty Ann at KOA Campground - Photo by Ethan
Mindy and Betty Ann at KOA Campground - Photo by Ethan

My idea of camping is illustrated in the photo above or even a small little rental unit with an actual bed accompanied by a mattress. Mindy and I have some dear friends who own a stationary RV at a family type campground and after sitting around the campfire all evening shootin' the breeze and boozing it up, we enter our accommodations that come complete with two recliners, a fold out bed, and a large screen TV. Now THAT'S my idea of camping. The following are suggestions for some Connecticut campgrounds where you don't have to pitch a tent.

Cozy Hills Campground - Located only 30 miles from Danbury traveling up Rt. 202 through New Milford. For reservations and more info, call 860-567-2119.

White Pines Campsites - White Pines is located at 232 Old North Road in Barkhamsted in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut. For reservations, call 1-800-622-6614.

Lone Oak Campsites - Lone Oak offers 500 campsites and is located at 360 Canaan Norfolk Rd. Route 44 in East Canaan, CT. Call for reservations at 1-800-422-2267.

Kettletown State Park - If you're looking for more of a rustic camping experience rather than a family type atmosphere where kids are riding their bikes around the campgrounds yelling while making idiotic noises, you might want to check out Kettletown State Park, located at 1400 George's Hill Rd. in Southbury. where they do rent small cabins. Click this link for more information. And now an important message from Smokey the Bear!

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