According to the Wallet Hub survey, Connecticut is the 10th happiest state in America. According to WFSB,  the factors used to create the list included:

  • Depression rate
  • Sports participation
  • Income growth

There were 28 other factors considered, one was safety and this is where Connecticut got it's best ranking coming in at number 5. Hawaii was number one overall in the survey and you can check out the Top 10 here. 

I have no real beef with living in Connecticut. Sure, there are plenty of things to complain about in any state but if you consider how we compare overall to other states, life is pretty sweet for Nutmeg crew.

Where would you rather live? Most people's answer would be based on climate. When you use that as a starting point, you get yourself in a lot of trouble in so many other categories.

When you talk about climate, so many of you say, "I wanna move to Florida." You have just made temperature your #1 priority and are forgetting that Florida has living dinosaurs roaming the streets. You are forgetting that Floridians have to leave their state four times a year to escape hurricanes. You are forgetting the Floridians have really tough times with elections. You are overlooking so much just to be warm.

It's time to appreciate what we have here in Connecticut, we are the 10th happiest. Be grateful, we did it, we are number 10. Florida is not in the Top 10.

"Florida is a lawless swamp." Robert California 

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