Sports card collecting used to be a lot simpler in the 70's and 80's, the terms Gem Mint 10, PSA, and Beckett weren't in our vocabulary. Now in 2022, graded sports cards are all that matters. You may have a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan, or a 61 Topps Mickey Mantle, but the true value is based on their condition, like everything else. You have to have your sports cards inspected and graded by a professional. There's my problem, where?

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I've got a few sports cards that if I were to have them graded and they are found to be in excellent shape, the estimated value would be in the thousands. How and where do you find someone to grade your cards?

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If you do a Google search and ask 'Where can I get my sports cards graded in Connecticut?" a short list of local sports card dealers pops up. I gave one of them a call and asked if they know of someone in Connecticut that grades on site. "No" was the response I got from them, and three other places that I called afterwards. Why no? Because the big grading companies - PSA, Beckett, CSG, SGC, etc. have databases of millions of cards, and they can compare your card with a more discerning eye supposedly, than someone on a local level?

I've been to a couple of sports cards collectible shows over the years, and there are experts on site at some of the bigger shows in Hartford, NYC, Providence, etc.  that will take your money to give your card a grade. But, for those of us who don't have the time or energy to stop by a Comicon-sized show, you'll have to mail your cards in to one of the big grading services. That process is even more involved with estimating value, shipping your valuable item off into the world, forking over anywhere from $25-300 per card, and waiting 2-8 weeks for its return. That's more than I want to get into, hence my ungraded cards.

There is one authorized PSA dealer listed on their website for Connecticut, it's called Bent Cardboard Card Services, and there's an Old Lyme, Connecticut address. If you want that sweet Jordan you see in the photo above, click here.

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