There's some good and bad news surrounding the upcoming total lunar eclipse.

First the good news. According to, you'll be able to see the entire lunar eclipse sometimes called the blood moon not only in Danbury, but throughout the United States. The bad news is that for optimum viewing, skies over Danbury must be crystal clear and to view the eclipse at its peak, you must be able to stay awake until 12:12 am Late Sunday Night / the first few minutes of Monday morning, January 21.

The total lunar eclipse will begin to evolve on Sunday evening, January 20 at 9:36 pm and reach its pinnacle at 12:12 am on January 21 and will then finish up at 2:48 am. What exactly is a full lunar eclipse? The Moon orbits the Earth every 29.5 days and a full lunar eclipse can only happen when there's a full moon. When the entire Moon passes through the Earth's umbral shadow we see the Moon's vibrant red color. For a more detailed explanation, click on Check out this time-lapse video.

Being an iPhone user for many years, I'm just beginning to learn how to take better photos. The easiest way is to point and shoot but there are ways to take much better pictures especially at night with your iPhone no matter which model you have. Since I'm still in the early stages of learning how I will you leave you in the capable hands of the founder of the iPhone Photo Academy, Emil Pakarklis. If you're unable to watch the eclipse, you can catch the live stream in real time at

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