This week, the I-95 Morning Show encountered some health issues.

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Dave of the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show had to pass a kidney stone and he said it was the worst pain of his life. We spoke to Dave from his recovery chair the day after it passed.

Photo Credit: Aurora Photography
Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

This sounded awfully excruciating and it got me to thinking...

What's the Worst Pain Someone Could Experience? 

We brought this question to the I-95 listening audience but not until I took childbirth off the table. I said "let's just call childbirth the worst and then move on." Do I know it's the worst? No, but I've learned not to argue against that. These were some of the many responses we received.

Lauren - Oxford, CT

"A kidney stone is probably worse than labor- I births two kids Au natural! Ughhhhh feel bad for you Dave! I just had to get the laser and stent done for two stones 9 mm and 6 mm.. it was not a fun procedure- lithotripsy 2x didn’t work… and I still have the 9 mm stuck in there!! It’s torture… fee better soon."

Ned the Head - Monroe, CT

"Getting kicked in the nuts hurts more than giving birth, over the years women will say let’s have another baby, but I’ve never heard a man ask to get hit in the balls again."

Special K - Carmel, NY

"Worst pain ever !! A Chest Tube!"

Men in blue shirt having chest pain - heart attack - heartbeat line

Kolena - Danbury, CT


Fatty McFatty - Danbury

"Gout. Feels like glass in your joints."

Billy Jo - Poughquag, NY

"Got stung by a Stingray."

Women scratch the itch with hand

David Lee Roth's Rug - Newtown, CT

"Shattering the top of my wrist…woof."

Booklover 68 - Redding, CT

"Gall stones!!"

Broncofan - Southbury, CT

"Good morning Lou, the worst pain I’ve ever experienced is having two lumbar fusion’s. The pain is horrible when you wake up from surgery."


Lick Tho Crevice - New Milford, CT

"I had 19 stones in one year and all kinds of procedures and catheter for weeks. Tens times worse is after lung surgery removing chest tube."

HardRockz - Patterson, NY

"Worst pain, I’ve had kidney stones, tooth nerve issues, gout but testicular torsion sucked (twisted testicle)."

Phatty - Stormville, NY

"My Novocaine wore off while they were drilling for my dental implant."


Sal - Danbury, CT

"I had hip replacement and 10 months later dislocated it."

Woman - Danbury, CT

"Most painful thing I've dealt with: ulcerative colitis flare. The entire large intestine constricts like a Charlie horse, over and over, like labor. I was in the hospital for 8 days before they got it under control. ANYTHING I ate or drank, including drinking water, caused spasms. I wanted to die."

Gloria - Oakville

"Hi Lou!! Mitral valve replacement last year, my rib cage is now wired shut, like my surgeon said, your rib cage doesn’t come with hinges….the back pain was insane for weeks. (All good now)!"

Terminally ill patient and assisting family member

Lonegoose29 - Bridgewater, CT

"Grand mal seizure face plant on concrete floor shattering my mouth piece."

Doit557 - Newburgh, NY

"Lou I've had two heart attacks I've had diverticulitis with my colon cut out I broke my femur the worst pain in my life was the two times that I had kidney stones."

Seifert - Danbury, CT

"My worst pain is my x husband!"

Man has abdominal pain over white background

Maryann - Pawling, NY

"definitely kidney stones!!! I had to have one blasted."

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Anita Gooddikens - Patterson, NY

"I'm laughing so hard at the segment this morning I missed my f--- exit."

Southern Rock Joe - Carmel, NY

"I had what’s called un-descended or migrated testicle operation when I was 12 so that means one of the beams decides to come loose and works its way back up into your abdomen then you have to be sliced open they fish it back down to where it supposed to be and then staple it in place absolute worst pain in my life and I had shingles and kidney stones but I’m still here."


Carolyn - Danbury, CT

"Here’s the pain: shingles. Because it is extremely sharp pain that doesn’t stop - it reaches an awful intensity and then just STAYS at that intense level for days/weeks. And to make it worse, it can linger in neuropathy after the other symptoms resolve. You can’t sleep because of the pain but you have to sleep to get better but you can’t sleep because of the pain but you have to…etc etc"

Miss Vicky - Pleasantville, NY

"Getting a tetanus shot in my foot after stepping on a rusty nail."

Free Falling Roofer - Southbury, CT

"Here’s the worst pain. My mother in law."

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There were so many more answers on this question so I just want to thank everyone who took the time to text us the I-95 Morning Show.

P.S. Good thing I'm not bound by HIPPA Regulations. 

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Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

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